Resurfacing and Rewriting is about managing your mental health and regaining control over your life and your story. It’s about empowering you to follow your dreams, to talk about your mental health without feeling ashamed and to embrace life. 

My name is Hayley and I started the Resurfacing and Rewriting blog because I felt my situation was unrepresented in discussions on mental health. I was “well” enough to start looking towards the future and to think about things other than how awful I felt, but I wasn’t well enough to do a lot of things people consider normal or even essential.

I fell into a chasm between what people think of as “mentally ill” and “mentally well”. I was functioning in the sense of being able to take care of my basic needs, like preparing meals and showering, but I was still too scared to go into a shop alone or make my own appointments.

I felt incredibly alone. Nobody seemed to be talking about people in my situation, who want their lives to improve but can’t take action in the same way as people without mental health problems. I found it very difficult to find any useful advice and support, because most of what I found was aimed at either people whose mental illnesses were at a worse stage than mine or people who were mentally healthy.

Resurfacing and Rewriting aims to address the problems faced by those of us who fall between “mentally ill” and “mentally well” — partly by highlighting that these are not discrete categories and the boundaries between them will always be fluid. I hope it will help other people to feel less alone. I hope it will help you manage your mental health and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

I also hope that Resurfacing and Rewriting will challenge the assumptions made about mental illness, help break down the stigma surrounding mental health problems and encourage everyone — regardless of whether they have experienced mental health issues — to talk about mental health.


Where to start:

Edit Your Life captures the ethos of Resurfacing and Rewriting — transforming your life into the story you want it to be.

You Need to Chase Your Dreams is about seeking opportunities for yourself and taking action, instead of waiting and hoping for something to come along.

Mental Illness Is Not a Weakness asks how tou can reframe your experience of mental illness to examine what it has taught you.

How to Talk About Your Mental Illness gives practical advice on how you can join the dialogue on mental health.

Make Kindness Your Superpower is a plea to spread more kindness and conpassion throughout the world.

Why Everybody Needs to Talk about Mental Health explains why mental health isn’t just about mental illness.

Doing What Works for You is a reminder that you need to manage your mental health in the best way for you, rather than being over-influenced by what other people tell you to do.

How to Be You is about getting to know yourself, which can be difficult when mental illness has taken over you life for a long time.

Learning to Be Well is about coping with the fluctuations of your mental health.

Rewriting the Rules helps you identify what rules you have created which hold you back in life — and how you can challenge them to live life on your own terms.