You Need to Chase Your Dreams

Here’s an open secret: nobody is going to wave a magic wand and make your dreams come true. Your ideal job or partner is not going to be served to you on a silver platter. If you want to achieve your dreams, it’s up to you. You have to make them come true.

It’s not enough to follow your dreams. You can float through life waiting for opportunities to cross your path, but you will have a higher success rate if you chase down the opportunities.

Think about it: chasing opportunities means you will find more opportunities, therefore even if only a tiny percentage of them yield something, you will gain more than you would by waiting around. Furthermore, when you actively pursue opportunities, more people will know about your goals. These people will send more opportunities your way if and when they come across them, multiplying your chances of success.

Nobody is going to put any effort into helping you achieve your dreams unless you do. Why would they help you if you never help yourself? Why would they tell you about the awesome job opening in their firm, when they know you haven’t applied for any of the similar jobs advertised in the newspaper? Why would they set you up with their gorgeous single friend if you haven’t shown any interest in dating? A lot of people are all talk and no action. They say they want to do this and that but never take the first steps, so nobody can take them seriously. When you make an effort to achieve your goals, you prove that you are serious about your dreams.

Who is best placed to make your dreams happen? You.

There are a few success stories about people who achieved their dreams thanks to somebody else working tirelessly on their behalf, but they are outnumbered by stories about people who achieved success because of their own efforts. It makes sense: you know your strengths better than anyone else. You know the sacrifices you are willing to make. You know how much hard work you are prepared to put in. You are the best advocate for yourself – you just need to find the courage to put yourself forward.

Because you can’t count on anyone else to put you forward. You have to find opportunities. You have to develop the skills and gain the knowledge you need. You have to take action. You have to chase your dreams.