About Me

I decided to follow my dream of becoming a writer after several years of suffering from mental illness. My aims are to advocate for the rights of people with mental health issues, eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness and inspire other people to achieve their goals. My blog, Resurfacing and Rewriting, documents my own experiences of managing my mental health and encourages society to be more open and honest about mental health. My ultimate goal is for mental health to be discussed in a similar way to physical health, with empathy and respect for those who encounter mental health problems.


I am a fiction writer with an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Exeter. I am based in East Devon and  also do freelance nonfiction writing, specialising in blogging, website content and feature articles. I have a BA in Film Studies from the University of Exeter and retain a strong interest in film and screenwriting, but after completing a Diploma in Creative Writing with the Open University during the final two years of my degree, I turned my focus to writing prose.

I am particularly passionate about the short story and have been inspired by many writers, including Alice Munro, Ali Smith and MR James. I often find myself drawn to the weird and unsettling in my fiction, exploring the complex, dark issues lying beneath the surface of life. My Film Studies dissertation, which examined the permeability of boundaries in suburban slasher horror, and my Creative Writing MA dissertation on Gothicism and the uncanny both feed into my interest in psychology and the supernatural. I enjoy examining the strangeness which lies within ordinary worlds and I think these themes are likely to continue to arise in my fiction, whether consciously or otherwise!

For details of my work experience and qualifications, please see my LinkedIn profile.

If you would like me to work with you, please email hayleynjones@hotmail.co.uk