Claim Your Power

Every single living thing has power. Including you. The front wall of my home is susceptible to damp, which causes mould to grow. If left unchecked, this mould will cover the wall and start to grow on my books on the shelves which are fixed to that wall. Mould can spread pretty fast across a painted and plastered brick wall, so I assume it will be very efficient at spreading over the pages in my books. The books can’t be scrubbed like the wall, so I would have to throw them away. Mould has the power to destroy all of my favourite books.

That’s a lot of power, considering mould is just a fungus. But wait – mould has more power. Mould can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Some moulds can produce mycotoxins which may lead to neurological problems and can even kill humans. You can’t get much more powerful than that!

You are a far more complex organism, so imagine what potential lies within you. You also have the power to kill people – though I hope you never do – and if you use this power for good, imagine what a difference you could make to the world. You could save lives. You could improve lives. You could teach people new skills, entertain them, help them to achieve their dreams.

Your gut reaction might be to scoff, but why not? If mould has the potential to kill even the most intelligent, strongest, kindest, most talented people on Earth, why shouldn’t every human being have the potential to change the world? Claim your power. It’s yours; you already possess it, so all you need to do is access it. You are far more complex than mould. You have self-awareness. You can make plans. Mould cannot harness its power to do great things, but you can – and you have far more power. Go ahead: claim your power.