Response to Theresa May’s Announcement

On Monday, Theresa May announced that she intends to provide more support for children and young people with mental health problems. Here is a response I wrote on behalf of the mental health charity for which I volunteer:

The Project’s Response to Theresa May’s Pledge to Provide More Support  for Young People with Mental Health Problems 

While the blog is an official reaction from the charity, The Project, it also reflects my own views.

I have also come across a response from Mind which correlates with my thoughts:

Our Response to Theresa May’s Speech

The bottom line is it’s easy for politicians to make promises — and even easier for them to break those promises.

I’m glad that mental health issues are getting more attention in the media, but concerned that the average person will see/hear these reports and assume the government is addressing the problems effectively. This isn’t true in my experience, nor the experiences of various people I have met or heard about.

There are still massive problems at every stage, from raising awareness of mental health problems to providing treatment and practical support. These problems range from appropriate help being unavailable to people with mental health problems being patronised by the professionals who are supposed to support them.

There needs to be a complete overhaul in the way mental health is treated. Tackling a few peripheral aspects is not enough.